Time to say goodbye.


Scott Gordon – Tatiana Lepiz
(with Briana Gordon – our niece)
Wedding – December 27, 2003

Today – 27 December 2012 – marks the 9th anniversary of the marriage between my wife Tatiana Lepiz and I, which unfortunately is in the process of coming to an end.

We married 9 years ago today at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center Dallas, where I was a career volunteer staff member.

In 2004, I transferred to the Mission of Costa Rica to be with her in her home country where she was raising two sons.


Juan Diego – Andres
National Amusement Park of COSTA RICA – July 2003

I am sad that she considered she was unable to follow me out of the corrupted organization of corporate Scientology, where it was required that she “disconnect” (divorce) from me as a condition for remaining in good standing with the corporate church, because as I became targeted for “quiet elimination” by those who sought to conceal their own corrupt acts, I stepped up my whistleblowing efforts to expose what I knew of those corrupt activities in Costa Rica, Dallas and International Management.

(Ironic it is that Tatiana herself, once bravely blew the whistle on corruption herself – the only one to do so – from her staff position in the Mission of Costa Rica in 2000, and suffered sanctions and punishment from the group of that day, led by a criminally corrupt mission holder, Erick Alvarez Herrera, who was embezzling funds from its treasury and was never fully investigated by management, despite ample reports sent up from the area.  Tatiana’s report forced his removal, though his damaging criminal activity was ignored and covered up.)

I am however, quite proud of our accomplishments as husband and wife and for the love and loyalty we gave each other for those 9 years together.

Costa Rica is not an easy country to survive well in, and we came through the toughest of times together, raising two wonderful and talented young boys through their teen-age years, to become successful young men (she is an inspiringly wonderful mother).


Andres, Tatiana, Juan Diego
Lake Arenal, COSTA RICA – January 2009


Andres – Tatiana – Scott – Juan Diego
PANAMA – January 2011

We also realized together, one of her life-long dreams of singing Beethoven’s 9th once again (she did this as a young woman) – this time with me, her husband – in the National Symphony Choir of Costa Rica in 2010, when we performed in the National Theater for the Presidenta (Laura Chinchilla) of the Republic of Costa Rica.


National Symphony Choir of Costa Rica – October 2010

On December 20, 2012, in our last act together as husband and wife, Tatiana presented for me, a sizable donation on our behalf, to the most incredible couple we have ever met – who run the Hogar Pan Orphanage of Costa Rica.

This couple has for over 45 years, provided refuge for at least 45 abandoned children at a time – from babies to teenagers – on the power of faith and an unconditional love that must be seen to be believed. When everyone else said ‘no,’ this couple always said ‘yes’ – no matter the physical disability of the abandoned child.


Hogar Pan Orphanage – COSTA RICA

Tatiana and her long-lost genetic brother, were both orphaned babies of the same mother, and we are sure that her brother was taken in and cared for by this same couple before he was taken by his new parents to the Netherlands.


Tatiana Lepiz and her long-lost genetic brother from the Netherlands, reunited in 2008.

My wife has led her own organized group from Intel Costa Rica – sponsoring children of this orphanage and keeping their needs met over the last several years since they reconnected.

This gift was a symbol of our love and devotion to each other, and our shared appreciation to those who have given so selflessly to those with the greatest vulnerability and need.


Olivia Gordon – Tatiana Lepiz
(Olivia is my daughter)

Tatiana has been a joy to everyone who knows her, and was a blessing to everyone in my family – we all feel the loss.


Tatiana and our nieces, Taylor, Sabrina and Briana Gordon
December 2003

I am proud of my wife – I am a better person for having known her and having lived a big part of my life with her – and will always remember our time together fondly. Nothing can take away those treasures we have stored up in heaven. Those attainments and the value of our shared experiences, far outweigh those failures we overcame together and even this tragic loss we must now endure.


Scott Gordon – Tatiana Lepiz
Los Angeles – October 2007

Those treasures are what will endure into eternity, as the pain of our enforced separation washes away, with the grace of God’s love.



Comments on: "Scott Gordon – Tatiana Lepiz —— 9 Years Married" (2)

  1. This is such a wonderful tribute, Scott.

  2. Randall Baker said:

    Scott, I had no idea of the depth of your trials and tribulations in Costa Rica, and the tenderness that you have shown your family, and those around you. I admire your strength and fortitude, and will pray for you and your future. May it be happy, and fruitful.

    Randall Baker

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